France. The Craft.

With France under siege we may wonder what French Freemasons think about the social tension in their country. The question is not innocent, and points about the social dimension in the work of the Craft, to extend its values and principles and have them embodied in the societal tissue. What we foresee in France is confrontation, hatred and radicalization, close to extremism. More that an increasing gap between Left and Right, we assist to larger segments of the society that are used to an old time of wealth and social state (nanny state, truthly) and other segments that are being trained to be the active workforce of tomorrow and don’t know if they have a job when they finish secondary or university studies. Can our European societies survive in this utopia of wealth we have  no more, a job for a lifetime that disappeared, a bourgeois life with two houses, two cars, the kids in the best schools available, two exotic trips per year? Hardly, we may say. But wether the government has reason for its reforms – and we can concede that there are reasons for them – is no way to force the solutions and hammer the reason over everybody’s head for the sake of true and valid arguments. Because we may kill the ill person instead of cure him. That would be the appeal, in my view, that freemasonry has the obligation to advance in this moment. If in times of need and confront, the Craft doesn’t raise its voice what is the logic of it?