François Stifani

In France the legal controversy around the personal position of the Grand Master of GLNF and the attack of a group of freemasons reunited in a FMR (Franc-Maçonnerie Reguliére) reached a new peak. Now a letter from FS to the Craft (43000 brethren) denounces the situation in a quite dramatized style; a letter that has become public. The Grand Master reiterates that within the GLNF there is an insurrectional climate and he and is family is victim of insults, threats and offenses. It seems that after the Grand Orient of France is now the Grande Loge Nationale Française the center of controversy in France. We may conclude that nobody is exempt from this kind of problems. It would be useful to recall that in late 90s, when GLRP has its problems with the group of Casa do Sino there was people around the universal regular freemasonry that laugh about it mocking about the Portuguese freemasons. And we can added that some doors were close as the process of defying (of the Grand Master Nandin de Carvalho) reach enormous gravity. These events are somehow silenced by the good fortune of good relations but those who have no past have no present; and those who have no present have no future.