Believers, superstition and the Chilean miners.

People believe what they want to believe. Basically. It amused myself, recently, to read in the periodic search of masonic events and chats that there was something strange in the recent rescue of the 33 miners from the Chilean mine, and that some people foresee in it the work of the Freemasons. Everything move around the number 33, which is as most readers know a number akin to the Order and the rite practiced in most of the Portuguese Lodges, the Scottish Rite. 33 are the degrees of the rite, 33 was the age Jesus had when he died in the cross. Numerologist argue that the 33 is the most influential of all numbers as it represents the Master Teacher, and gives dimension to the spiritual uplifting of mankind.  The numbers 11, 22 and 33 are also represented by a triangle with each of them in the forming axes; that Triangle represents Enlightenment.
Considering all this true what the Chilean miners have to do with it? We may say little, but there is always a conspirational theory point the other way. It seems (according with it) that beyond being 33, they were forced to stay 66 days below the surface, their trip to the surface took 33 minutes average and the capsule was name Fenix, because everything was a masonic conspiration. Forget it! Some miner used a shirt that shows a pentagram with the top vertex pointed to the ground.
For God's sake!