The Origin of Freemasonry.

In the globalized and multimedia society we live in is odd to insist in using the old processes of lecture for the new Apprentices that enter the Craft. In some (few) Lodges the officers with the function of supervising Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft are using Powerpoint Presentations, something that we (Luz do Oriente) use for three years now. Another interesting tool for instruction are some documentaries about the Craft, related to its founding or about Secret Societies in general easly available. A new movie just appearing is the following that we are happy to recommend to Brethren and Lodges. The price is cheap and the documentary may be ordered in any FNAC or HMV department anywhere in the world; or through Amazon or Barnes & Noble framework.
The Origin of Freemasonry: Where Did it All Begin
Format: DVD
Format: NTSC, Region: All Regions; Studio: World Wide Multi Media; DVD Release Date: October 21, 2009; Run Time: 60 minutes; Price: $19.95