Brazilian Senate commemorates the day of the Freemason

The Brazilian Senate will honor at the plenary session this Friday (20th) at 9am, the Brazilian Freemasonry and the Day of the Freemason, celebrated on August 20th. The application requesting the event was presented by Mozarildo Cavalcanti (PTB-RR).
According to the parliamentarian, who is a Freemason and descends from a family linked to the Brotherhood, there are about five thousand Masonic lodges in Brazil dedicated to the achievement of social and philanthropic works. They participate in vaccination campaigns promoted by the government, collect and distribute food and clothing; keep nurseries, schools, centers for the elderly, and promote the antidrug campaigns, among other tasks.
According Mozarildo, on August 20th is the date of commemoration of Freemasonry in Brazil because it was the date of the founding of the GOB, with the merger of Lodges lojas Esperança, Comércio e Artes, União e Tranquilidade, in 1822.
His first Grand Master was the patriarch of Brazilian independence, Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva. Besides fighting for independence, the Masonic order called for the abolition of slavery and the proclamation of the Republic, and was also present in other historical events important for the country, according to the senator.
Mozarildo also said that the Grand Masters of Freemasonry are authors of a manifesto to the nation called the Charter of Brasilia, which analyzed the problems facing the nation and prompted questions for the Amazonia and the risk of internationalization that area.
For the Senator, Freemasonry adapts to new times, increasingly interacting with society, "and remains an example to Brazilians by the serious and honest work that develops, contributing that the country is truly democratic, fraternal and egalitarian. "