Luz do Oriente

Any Masonic endeavor is based on stones and Men. The first give the solid foundation to the Temple that is built by human hands to pursue the Masonic path for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe. The second is formed by an atypical family of Men that the mysteries of the destiny and God put together in the some runaway. Both coincide in the same purpose, something that probably seems old-fashion for some eyes, dating back to the construction of times: Stonehenge, Acropolis, Atlantis...
More or less 450 years ago a Portuguese commander named Jorge Alvares arrived at Macau and in a small bay look to rest ships and equipage. History tells that the honor to have its fleet anchored in the bay - later named Praia Grande (Big Beach) - was owned by the grace of the Chinese Emperor on the help the Portuguese gave to the Emperor fighting the pirates that infested the eastern coast. Because of this honorable attitude, the Portuguese were allowed to stay in Macau and enlarge the tiny city to what is now Macau. Only in the 19th Century, a treaty between Portugal and China look to solve the problem of the legal status of the territory and Portuguese sovereignty.

History tells also that this was not an easy task and for three times Macau was assaulted by Dutch fleets that look to capture the enclave to the Dutch Empire and the Portuguese guarnison fought back bravely.  History tells also that in the same century a Governor opt to honor this historic endeavor and refused to let Macau involved in the bloody war between Great Britain and China (named the Opium War) and after an ultimatum of the commander of the fleet invited the English fleet to leave Macau waters, for good.
During 440 years this trace of dignity, honor and perseverance formed the stone of Portuguese presence here, distinguished from the neighbor Hong Kong and form the layout of the friendly relations between the peoples of Portugal and China that rest till today. This is the reason why Macau transition was smooth and others weren't. This the brick that makes gentlemen-ship.
Luz do Oriente is inheritor of this respectable tradition and sense of knighthood.