MP José Seguro participates in event held by GLLP

It is important that Freemasonry opens to society and promotes debates and other events with interesting people. This is a good example of it; another example, the work our Past-Grand Master Luis Nandin de Carvalho animates in its Bar do Além every month. If freemasonry closes itself she will die. In the majority of Obediences the average age of the members is rising up, dramaticaly, and the Craft has enormous difficulties in attracking new people. A Grand Officer of GLLP shared with me one of these days that part of the problem is that the values, aims and struggles that originate freemasonry, as an intellectual elite, are now shared by society has theirs. Probably this is true, but Freemasonry needs to search and elect new targets and objectives to keep its path and the pursuit of of its values of peace, liberty and solidarity inside the community of Men.
Picture: review Sabado.