15000 visitors

We arrive at the number of 15000 visits to our site. It is a benchmark for us and something unexpected. It is proof that a Masonic site can exist and share information about freemasonry and freemasons that is interesting for the learning process of the youngest and for the Brethren in general. The administrator of the blog has been careful in posting issues and news that can be read by everyone. Ritualistic material or intra-triangle information is kept out of public eyes. Freemasonry is, commonly said, a society with secrets not a secret society, meaning that through a process of learning opening for those who knock at the West gate (and are accepted), we franchise an extraordinary experience that depends basically on the workers capacity to learn and study. The site (and the Triangle) lives in the framework of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, a rite that appeared in France in the 17th century, brought by British expatriates running from the British civil war. From there the rite traveled to the United States where he get the value-added of side degrees, normally called the High Degrees which were organized from the 4th to the 33d Degree. Then the rite traveled to Europe and Latin-America where he reached a preponderant statute of today.
We, red apron Masons, live freemasonry in a very philosophical way through a process of constant reading, writing and learning, sharing our emotions and the beauty of the Royal Art. We gather men of different religions or even with no religion but believers of a Divine Being whatever we name Him. We feel comfortable with this endeavor as it is more universal, more comprehensive, for men who live in a globalized world with no frontiers and no dogmas. The abovementioned number of visits is a statement of the curiosity we stir in the Masonic community. The site administrator would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors, namely the 18 braves that had the courage to be listed as our frequent visitors. We hope not to deceive your expectations and produce posts and reflections that are useful to all: the general public and the Masonic community.
We, Portuguese, traveled from the 16th century on through seven seas and gave new worlds to the world; we were the first Europeans to arrive to the East and found the first entrepôt in the Chinese coast; we were in India, in Malaysia, in Sri Lanka, before all the other Europeans arrived there. We found in Macau a landmark of European culture, combining our rich traditions with the rooted traditions of the East; we stay here, peacefully, for 440 years. We are grateful to the Chinese people for that, as we perspectived our presence in Chinese land as an opportunity to trade, to interact, to combine and not to enforce any imperialistic culture or idiosyncrasy. That is the reason why we were respected and our administration tolerated along the Chinese dynasties and during the Republic. This is the track of the Portuguese cosmopolitanistic presence and mood of behavior. This is the cardinal landmark of Luz do Oriente.
Please continue to visit us and let us your suggestions.