Montilla en casa de los masones (Via Vanguardia)

Jose Montilla was a little shocked the day he received a meeting request by the Grand Masters of major Masonic lodges in France. What is done in these cases? wondered and asked his colleagues. The novelty of the event generated some concerns and the President of the Regional Government of Catalunya accepted the same. Before engaging in relationship, and cordial relations with the French Freemasons, it was better to do with the Catalan. Said and done. The Government got in touch with Josep Brunet, director of the library Arus - with a great documentation on the subject, expert on the subject and Freemason who called to lunch at the four grand masters of lodges based in Barcelona, and which are among the largest of Spain: José Carretero (Grand Lodge of Spain), Jordi Farrerons (Spanish Symbolic Grand Lodge), Antonio Castillo (Gran Orient de Catalunya) and Ana Maria Lorente (Grand Lodge Feminin of Spain). The meeting - unveiled by the magazine Time- held on 3 December, was pleasant, long, productive and even surprising, according to sources consulted by The Vanguardia. Montilla, a silent man who listens more than talks, rushed to ask about some of the secrets of the Masonic organizations. How do people get to the lodges? How are the processes of initiation? There were answers, but not great teachers revealed their secret codes and how to recognize each other.
In Vanguardia, 27.12.2009.