A new year coming

The coming year will arrive in a short two days time and it would be wise to comprehend some challenges Humanity as in front if its pathway. The issue of our time is first of all terrorism. How much we disguise this issue it is there already, ahead of us in an airport or in any city in the world. What dramatic and dreadful inclination makes some men wish to kill others - they never knew -, just to make a point or obey the orders  of others they hardly know? It is something weird we may not comprehend, completely. There is no promise of a splendorous society alternative to ours, just the throwing of a conception of hatred and destruction aiming to immolate others for the pleasure of champoning just a surviving belief or creed: a sort of Islamic paradise on Earth made of constraint, stinginess and religious exclusivity; and elimination of all other creeds and believes for the sake of the "chosen one". Underlying this problem comes, briefly, the question of identity: how to be a young Muslim or Arab in a Western society? How difficult is to experience the love of another God in a place where all Gods and believes are basicaly allowed?
It is difficult to put ourselves inside the heads of these people who perpetrate such a sort of hideous attempts against others lives (and his) by the sake of an argument or the satisfaction of the sect leader. One will need to render all the love for himself, his capacity of tolerance, and respect to the Other, to embrace such a sort of repulsive act. Is the promise of a splendorous life in Heaven the retribution for the ultimate sacrifice? It is painful to believe that this sort of dream or utopia is enough to wash someone's brain. We will need to go back in time and put aside all the advances and good that science, knowledge bring to Humanity to concede such a conclusion. Of course we may wish that the world doesn’t experiment this sort of turmoil but here it is in front of us. How to handle this tragic phenomenon without putting in question our way of life, our tradition of Liberty and respect? This is the question to which we need to forge new answers because the current ones are not enough.
Should Freemasonry make something in this regard? Should the Masonic Lodges in Muslim countries make more to spread the cosmopolitan message of Love, Tolerance and Respect? Probably.