Luz do Oriente had its Christmas Party among Brethren, families and friends. The group is enlarging every year and seems far away the time when we were six around the table. The joy to be a Freemason is beyond any type of calculation of advantage, gain or privilege. That is why we look to have the best among us. In every Christmas Party we close the sequence of toasts with one that dates from the begining of the Brotherhood:

A todos os Maçons que se encontram longe das suas casas ou afastados dos seus, em sofrimento, ou em viajem, na terra, no ar e no mar, desejamos-lhe um pronto restabelecimento no regresso a casa se assim o desejarem. (To all Freemasons that are faraway from their homes or apart their loving ones, in suffering, or in voyage by land, air or sea, we wish a complete recover on their return home if they wish to do so).

A Merry Christmas and a Joyfull New Year for All Men of goodwill because the world need them, more and more.