Site of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal (Regular)

The site of the Grande Legal Lodge of Portugal  has included, recently, a post with a very sympatethic mention to the Triangle Luz do Oriente and its masonic work. The Master Installator and all the Brethren of the Triangle are profundly grateful for this message and acknowledge it as a sign of  trust in the work we perform for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe to whose Glory, Omnipresence, Omnipotence we devote our works and the construction of the outer Temple and the inner Temple. Quoting a good friend of us:

There is no Temple
to be a Master.
One can only become a Master
in its inner Temple.
And the inner Temple
is intemporal
and is extratemporal.
The Master is
because he wanted
and know how to become a Master.
The Master is,
from Fellowcraft
he was turn to be a Master.
The Master
become a Master
because he was an Entered Apprentice.
The Master knows himself.
The Master recognizes himself
as the work of the Creator.
The Master unfold himself:
he is a Mason
he is a Knigh
he is a Priest