The Tree of Life II

Adapted from http://cabalamaconaria.blogspot.com
As Fellowcraft, and later as Masters you go to tread other paths. You need to give other steps and perceive why you do them. Are you satisfied, mechanically, by giving the steps that you are merely informed about? If yes, you are losing the best of the experiences. It is like traveling by train with the windows closed. You will never enjoy the beauty of the nature outside and the splendor of the life that is kept disguised under blanket of the unknown and the ignorance.
Each detail, each step that we give is in an aggregate direction. It has a symbol, has one meaning. Who does not know where he goes, it will never know where it is, and it runs the risk not to arrive the final place.
We have emphasized many coincidences between the AASR and the tree of the life (Kabala). As the Kabala is also encoded in folding screens with symbolism taken from Astrology is inevitable that associations appear that ties up to common symbols of expression. For example, when we watch in the blue lodges of the AASR the positions of officers, we may identify similarities with the structure of the Tree of the Life. We may identify the astrological signs in the columns and other Lodge symbols.
Regarding astrology, many doubts and questions emerge about the rational acceptance of concepts that are millenarian. In spite of being very easy to comprehend the effect of the proximity of the MOON, in the fishing activities and many other activities, we also acknowledge, directly, the effects of the SUN light in our day-by-day. But we don’t have the perception of the presence of the other planets planets with the same easiness. In this regard, we study the presence of the SUN in the houses 10, 11 and 12 of our native maps, and the effects of its presence in the human beings affections. The approach is controversial if we take notice that the interpretations are distinctive according with the implied publications. In particular, it cannot be left out of consideration that the human beings are individually governed by free-will, in different intensities.

In the figure KABBALH and the ASTROLOGY are confronted, indicating the cycles that mark our existence. The astrological energetic influences produce, designing a circled form, creating multiple reactions, some positive, others negative, according with the orbit traced by the planets opposing to the planets that influence each individual's birth. It is, in this regard, that differences between individuals may be aprehended and explained. Some individuals serach for knowledge and use it to modify the records of the invisible forces that rule on us since birth. Others let the intimate forces prevail in the course of their destinies as leaves taken by the wind.
Through this, we may reflect about the patterns each one may find appropriate to become a good freemason rather then others. It may solve the problem why freemasonry chooses its affiliates and not individuals choose freemasonry, as the guiding lantern for their own actions. Astrologically, we may find people that are more feasible to the studies and searches required by the Masonic path.
The above figure, in the lower part, shows the Tree of Life, the human evolution in astrological terms. It underlines the period from 6:00 am to 12:00 am as the time of birth that affects the houses 10, 11 and 12 of the zodiacal calendar.
It shows individuals more inclined to naivety, luxuriousness and antagonism. These tendencies if not properly managed, by the free-will of every individual born in this range of time can lead to propensity to confrontation, what is not advisable in a fraternal society like freemasonry.
Do you know at what time you were born? Reflect and maximize your free-will and become a better freemason. Knowledge has only any value if its shared. And has much more than one may presume.