Freemasonry and Transcendence

In Freemasonry symbolism is everywhere, and this token atmosphere that promotes thinking develops. Freemasons learn to look at the symbolism of all that exists, so the ritual initiation of the first degree. Should we conclude that in every thing there is a symbol? Probably not.
In the Emulation Rite, where the Venerable Master asks the trainee what Freemasonry is, the latter replied that it is a system of morality under the cloak of allegory means of symbols,
(Les Dossiers d'Actualité de l'Histoire).

Freemasonry is a fraternity of men, whose aim is spiritual elevation of each and moral development of mankind. To achieve it the Brotherhood provides social and moral teachings based on the symbolism of tools for use of former builders. This is the analogy and symbol development. The approach of symbolic Freemasonry is not a game, and insiders find it in the way of seeing the world. Neither theory nor philosophy, nor even less therapy may contribute to the process of Freemason which can only be personal. The Masonic doctrine addresses only the recognition of the self, the spiritual and moral development.

It is a method and symbols are used as means and mnemonic as an illustration of the lessons it teaches. The Masonic initiation does not understand the symbols, unlike the latter allows the Freemason started to make progress in its approach. They have an important role at the heart of the approach that proposes considers profanes for the Brotherhood. Better than a language or a philosophy, the symbolism is ultimately a way of thinking based on intuition. It has been comment on this regard:

"In the secular world, education is for the faculty of the so-called intellect. Inevitably, this plan, the authority of one who teaches is translated into a doctrine, a dogmatic system. The teaching of initiation, goes far beyond the intellectual stage using intuition. "

In this context it is important to understand that intuition is primarily the result of initiation. Also the Masonic initiation process is very specific. Alliance learning and intuition, it enables those who believe in it to access, self-knowledge and thus to rise spiritually. But beyond the symbolism borrowed from the distant past, perpetuate in the knowledge of elders. In this, the symbolism is a method which, based on past experience is resolutely turned towards the future.
By Eric Garnier, Actualité de l'Histoire.

The symbol of the Cross is part of a symbolic and esoteric exegesis of the "High Degrees".
J. Delacour, philosophical Cross (photo 12.com Museum of Freemasonry)

"No one comes here he is surveyor" Pythagoras.
In Freemasonry, geometry is synonymous of balance and knowledge. It is both a logical and rational tool which is essential to any research but also the reminder that this study must be absolute and must consider all possible worlds. Who do not know the famous Pythagorean Theorem, from which all mathematics have been designed and all buildings and structures erected by man. The geometry is the basis for the study of three-dimensional curves and surfaces, and trigonometry, mechanics and so on ....
Invented by the Egyptians they are used to allocate the land after the floods of the Nile, the geometry is now necessary.
Aspirants to the pinnacle of theological learning, needed to control the Trivium, grammar, dialectic and rhetoric and the "quadrivium", ie, music, astronomy, arithmetic and of course geometry.
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