Freemasonry in Uruguay

Masonry in Uruguay has a great power and now the President and many personalities from government and leadership are freemasons. It is therefore not surprising that the National Party candidate, Luis Alberto Lacalle and Jorge Larranaga are among the authorities to visit the Masonic Grand Lodge of Uruguay. According to the newspaper The Observer, these are the candidates expressed their nationalist concern about the loss of values has been found in the society. According to the chronicle of The Observer, the Grand Master, Walter Caillabet, said that the Freemasons are interested in being kept unchanged, including the rule of law and the values of freedom, respect for the Armed Forces, as a message that is understood to favor the National Party. Caillabet commented that the loss of values must be attacked with greater efficiency in the educational system, says the Observer, which coincides with the preaching of the National Party's presidential ticket.
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