Christian Jacq- The Monk and the Venerable

The ritual was never an end in itself. As Christian Jacq says the ritual prayer raised to heaven as incense. The true sacrilege is not dare to create a spiritual entity, the Egregore? Bishops, princes, knights and burghers entered into masonry. Even manants which can then bear the sword in the Scottish Rectified Rite. Another sacrilegious, freemasonry did not comply with the distribution of social castes. Beyond the authority of Rome, was the primacy of the Church of Rome on the conscience that was challenged. The spiritual connection of some denominations of the Templars of Jacques de Molay, and other faiths, referring to the Supreme Being or denying any existence of God or gods, will make these irreconcilable spiritual sensibilities. Christian Jacq recalling our humanity and forces the existence of the Spirit as late François Mitterrand, seems to think otherwise. I did not know the joy of the monk, the Venerable or even Christian Jacq. But I had the joy of reading this book, one summer.
Le Moine et le Vénérable (The Monk and the Venerable)- Christian Jacq