Common expressions used in English Masonry -I

Accepted - a Craft Mason is called Free and Accepted, because the persons who were not Operative Masons were received into the Acception
Advancement - a Craft Mason is initiated, passed and raised into the three primary degrees of Masonry
Ballot - the usual mode to electing candidates and also the Master and the Treasurer
Cable Tow - most generally the binding covenant of Masonry
Chain of the Union - it is symbolic of the bond of the brotherhood; English freemasonry doesn't form la chaine d' union at the end of the session
Chisel - One of the working tools symbolized in certain degrees
Compasses - The most spiritual of all the working tools
Cube - it is essential in the Craft Freemasonry as the form of the Perfect Ashlar
Dormant - a Brother that cease to participate in the gathering of the Lodge
Due Examination - Brethren that are passing from Grade to Grade
Due Form - the correct way to " open"  a Lodge
Freewill and Accord - no person can be unduly persuaded to become a Mason
Furniture - the main items used in a Masonic session, namely the Bible, the Square and Compasses
Gavel - working tool of chief officers of a Lodge
Globes - the celestial and terrestrial globes have a special meaning
Gloves - it is required to wear gloves in Masonic Lodges
Grand Master - the chairman of the Craft; in England a member of the Royal family
Greater Lights - The Bible, the Square and the Compasses
Holy Ground - The Art of Masonry is performed to the Glory of God, for which reason the Lodge is to be accounted Holy Ground
Immovable Jewels - The tracing-board peculiar of each Craft Degree, the Rough Ashlar and the Perfect Ashlar
Installation - A new Worshipful Master is installed annually in the Chair of each Lodge
Jewels - The jewels attached to the collars of Lodge Officers are in connection with the function they perform
Lesser Lights - certain symbolic lights situated at the East, South and West of the Lodge
Middle Chamber - later you will be informed about it
Mosaic Pavement - the pavement used in Masonic Lodges made of black and white large squares
Ornaments - the Blazing Star, the Intended Tassel and Mosaic Pavement are sometimes termed as the Ornaments of the Lodge 
Quorum - a basic Masonic law lays down that three rule a Lodge, five form a Lodge and seven make it perfect [it is different in our continental tradition]
Raised - a fellow craft is raised to the Third Degree
Recognition - the modes of recognition are those by which Masons prove and recognize one another
Resignation - the resignation of a member of a Lodge is absolute from the moment of reception by the secretary and cannot be postponed or denied, on the assumption that such member is not in debt to the Lodge
Square and Compasses - the universal emblematic device of Craft Masonry
Tesselated Border - an expression synonymous of Indented Tassel or la houpe dentelée of French Masonry. It is a looped cord which surrounds Tracing Boards and has tassels in the four corners. These are held to represent the cardinal points and the cardinal virtues. 
Tracing Board -  The emblematic design that represent the different degrees of Blue Masonry. In the eighteen century it was customary to be drawn with chalk on the floor of the Lodge. 
Twenty-four Inch Gauge - a common two-foot rule and a basis of moral reflections
Valley - In Latin Masonry this word is equivalent of the East or the Orient 
Widow's Son - the Master Builder was traditionally a widow's son and all Master Masons are sons of the Widow
Winding Starcase - a masonic symbolism essential to the Second Degree