Incorrect News about Bro. Martin Guia

Some Portuguese newspapers report the decease of the Grand Master of GLLP/GLRP what is fully untrue. Our dearest Brother Mário Martin Guia is well and with a fine health. He will preside over our traditional session of the Winter Solstice to be held next 13 December, saturday, somewhere in Lisbon. The news refers to Almiro Marques, that was a member of the group that after the 1995 coup against GLRP move apart from regularity and became an autonmous irregular organization. The so-said organization is known in the masonic world by GLRP (House of the Bell), it has not international recognition, whatsoever. Although the divergences we may have with these former regular freemasons condolences are obliged to Mr. Almiro Marques family.

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