Grand Orient of France

The Grand Orient of France organized the first exhibition of Masonic literature at Quimper. The Vénérables of 21 Lodges of Provence were reunited at Saint-Brieuc to to prepare the new convene of the French Obedience. At the same time, the doors of the Temple were open to the press. The Grand Orient is one of the major masonic Obediences in France, counting around 46 000 members of the 135 000 French Freemasons. Other Obediences are the Grand Loge de France, Le Droit Humain and the Grande Loge nationale française. The Grand Orient of France distinguish iself from other Obediences for not accepting the belief in a Supreme Being and participating, directly, in debating controversial political and social issues like the laicity, the euthanasia or the abortion policies. The Grand Orient declares itself ready to assume public positions when he finds it appropriate. It has, recently, expressed public concerns on the way the President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, insight the question of laicity versus religion. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France require to participate in the commissions that are debating and reviewing the related legislation. In Telégramme, here.

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