Christmas. Luz do Oriente.

Luz do Oriente is celebrating these days its second Christmas in Macao gathering the officials of the Triangle and their families. Freemasonry shares, with the Christian world, the affection to the symbolism of the Season that simbolizes a time of gathering, love, forgiveness and brotherhood. We wish to all freemasons - wherever they may be - a joyfull season, hearthfully momens in the company of their families and friends, and a particular wish: they may use one moment to rise their spirits and prays to the Grand Architect of Universe and ask His Protection, Love, and Guidance to the Human Race and Universal Freemasonry, in the new year that starts in few days.
There is always some elements of optimism and trust in the capacity of Humanity to correct what is wrong and unfair, to make new progresses; what we, masons, call the "polishing of the rough stone". There is always hope, and faith, even in the most dark and despair moments. Nevertheless the pessimism coming from the international financial crises we look for better times and a new beginning.

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