Freemasonry in Cuba

More than 30 women have become pioneers of female Freemasonry in socialist Cuba, founding two lodges under the auspices of the Women’s Grand Lodge of Chile, which will provide them with support and advice until they can function independently.
Cuban Masonry follows the Ancient Landmarks, the set of principles, customs and traditions that enshrine the obligations of this society, including Masonic secrecy, and selected membership of adult men who respect morality. But the sponsorship of the Chilean lodge frees the Cuban women from the rules of the male Grand Lodge of Cuba, which could not accept women among its members without risking the loss of its regular status and recognition by the other grand lodges with which it maintains fraternal relations.
In any sense the possibility of Masonic activity in Cuba is a good sign that the Caribbean island may address in the future the problem of political aperture.

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