American freemasonry and black lodges.

In North Carolina, Freemasons voted to recognize members of the black organization as brother Masons. The vote -- at the annual convention of the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina in Winston-Salem -- follows years of frustration among the group's leadership, which each year had introduced a resolution to recognize the black group.
The black organization, the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, officially recognized its white counterpart in 2004. Both organizations follow the ancient tenets and teachings of freemasonry. The state's white Masonic organization was founded in 1787, though some of the individual lodges date back earlier. The state's Prince Hall organization was founded in 1870. Despite shared roots and goals, each group officially pretended the other did not exist.
Segregation is a root-phenomenon in the United States whatever politicians say about it.
The development here.

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