Journal of the Masonic Society

The Journal of The Masonic Society came out of the print with material very interesting. The first issue includes a wide range of articles such as :

-Freemasonry and Sherlock Holmes by S. Brent Morris
-Initiation in the Scottish Rite Ritual by Leon Zeldis
-The Ceremony of John the Baptist and the Circle of Swords by Jim Hogg
-Ethiopia in Freemasonry by Tim Hogan
-The Story of the Lost Word and the Power of Myth by John L. Cooper III
It include also news from all around the Masonic world, photos of Masonic places.
The Masonic Society if formed by American Brethren and is open for members of Grand Lodges recognized by the main American Obediences. It is astonishing the interest that the discussion around the sense and value of freemasonry raises among Brethren. It means in our view that there is a lot to be discovered, and a special approach close to our preferences and personality. This review costs 30 dollars per year what is nothing. It deserve a good look.

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