In any constituency the installation of the Officers of a Lodge marks the starting point of its Masonic year. For Luz do Oriente the appraised ceremony have two meanings: it concludes a process of four years to raise columns of a regular lodge in Macao [China]; it validates the process of training of Brethren for the benefits of the Royal Art. In the first case Freemasonry has a long history in Macau of almost 250 years making the Royal Art available for Free Men of Good Report believers in the presence of God among Men and its enlightening luminary. Part of the history –completely unknown – needs to be told. In the second case this enterprise would not be possible without the pushing effort of two Portuguese, a British and an American Master Masons. For the circumstances of life one of them is no more close to us but the other three are part of the blocks that brought our Temple from the scratches. We turn to be a larger family with people from different social background, either Portuguese of from other nationalities. This process is closely connected to the sort of society Macau is, a crossroad between East and West, the gate to that marvelous civilization that is China. In this cosmopolitan gathering, this melting pot of races, cultures and even dialects, Freemasonry turns to be the connecting point to transport that process of cultural interexchange more deeply into the soul of Men. Under strict discrency we raise temples to the virtues of men and we burry the vices that oppress their liberty. As we are doing for centuries.