The 20th Anniversay of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal

The Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal celebrated its 20th anniversary this last 18th May. Twenty years ago, a group of freemasons left the Grand Orient Lusitano, the historical Portuguese Obedience, and were regularized by the Grand Loge Nationale Française. From this former group, several Lodges emerged that in time formed the District of Portugal of the Grand Loge National Française. Among the Brethren that traveled to France to receive the regularization were Fernando Teixeira, José Manuel Moreira, José Carlos Nogueira, Pisanay Burnay, Álvaro de Athayde, Nandin de Carvalho, José Manuel Anes and Nuno Nazareth Fernandes. From this group, Portuguese Freemasonry retook its regularity something that HAD lost in 1918 when the Grand Oriente Lusitano aligned with the Grand Orient of France, rejecting the belief on the Grand Architect of Universe, and the use of Book of the Sacred Law as mandatory principles of the Fraternity. Insofar the recognition of GOL by the United Grand Lodge of England was cancelled.
The Brethren of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal gathered in a dinner to commemorate that festive date.