Two years ago

Two years ago in Washington, D.C. over 1 million people attended the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States. A new era was opened by this gesture and a little Bible that was used by another President, was under Obama's right hand to prove the honorability of its oath. The place where he swear, the Bible, the wording of the oath is filled with masonic symbolism. Often what is cardinal is disguised and only the evident appears. Many say that he is a Freemason; he never confirm it and have the right to do it because he is the subject of unity of all American people. He is the representative of the law of the land and honoured by that. Discretely, he has protected the August Order as so many Presidents before him. In this day, gathering under the square and the compasses, we honour our American Brethren, salute them and wish them new progresses in the Royal Art and in the strengthning of the foundations of their temples. May God, in all its Wisdom and Love, protect all freemasons wherever they are.