GLLP in Wikipedia

According with Wikipedia, the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal is headed by José Moreno, a lawyer, initiated in 1992, and counts with 66 Lodges and 1350 Masons around the country. José Moreno is the Most Respectful Grand Master of GLLP yes, but the number of Lodges has raised to 79, according with the site of the Portuguese Obedience with the creation of Lodge Fernando Teixeira, no. 79. In accordance with this, the number of workers may be larger. In twenty years, since its foundation as a district of the Grande Loge National Française, the Portuguese regular Obedience has seen the number of its affiliates augment with is a clear demonstration of the work of several Grand Masters since Fernando Teixeira, our founder. In comparative terms GLLP should be close to Grande Oriente Lusitano in number of workers.