A Lodge is what?

What is a Lodge? Some pundits remark that is a place where the Freemasons meet away from the profane eyes. Others commentators argue that is the communio of Freemasons that under the Three Great Lights of Freemasonry gather to practice rituals and work to the exaltation of the Grand Architect of the Universe.
It seems to be a little of both: place and purpose; Earth and Universe. It represents, in symbolical terms, the lost Temple of King Solomon and the three tentatives to rebuild it. It rehersals dramas that date from the begining of time and are the instrument to pass moral teachings and form Men in liberty and wisdom. It is a place where every one of us forget what antagonizes us, what divides us, what differentiate us. Masons are Brethren in Light, whatever their backgrounds are. We serve the same purpose, we respond to the same demand of enlightenment and spirituality. Man is nothing without a proper dimension of spirituality and presence of divinity.