Christmas, Grand Lodge and others

The site of our Grand Lodge includes an update of developments occurred in December, news about the session of the Solstice of Winter and a report on the creation of two new Lodges Veritas no. 77 at the East of Coimbra and D. João II, no. 78 at the Orient of Lisbon. To the new Lodges of the Craft the congratulations of the Brethren of Macau and best wishes for new achievements in the pathway of the Royal Art. It is a impressive sign that the Obedience is enlarging the number of its workers and cells. One of the Lodges has come out from the R:.L:. Anderson no. 7 to which our Triangle was formerly dependent before being assign to the responsibilities of the R:.L:. Marquis de Pombal
The Master of the Triangle has an emotional and warm relationship with the R:.L:. Anderson to which  has belonged for large years and all the appraise would not be enough for what have learned there, in terms of Brotherly Love, Tolerance, good spirit and enormous friendship. Although our Order is built of different rites and for what one can guess the R:.R:. L:.L: Anderson and D. João II will obey to different ritualism, there is always the same Portuguese style to balance solemnity when joy, fun and sense of livehood. A last remarks is owned to Bro:. Rui Bandeira that subscribes most of the pieces in the December update of GLLP site. This signifies that this good Brother will continue at the helmet of the site making the good job he is been doing for several years (if I am not wrong). Congratulations for him also. We are just approaching the Christmas Eve and is my privilege and honor in the name of Luz do Oriente to wish a Holy Christmas to all Brethren and families, a joyful “consoada” with the nice things that our cuisine comprise and a lot of love. If Brethren allow me a pray, let’s raise our prays to the Grand Architect of the Universe that He may bring more understanding, trust and forgiveness for us and between us, making us more comprehensive about the faults and mistakes of eachone and less overriding for what we intend to be the real truth, our truth.  We need a lot of this open spirit in the year ahead, so let us be lead by the square and justice, in liberty, not by the sword.
GAMA, W:.M:.