Alain Bauer: "secularism requires that everyone make an effort"

Few institutions have generated more rumors and fantasies that Freemasonry. His opponents have taken him all the powers of patronage to a career plan or the awarding of a contract to the global conspiracy. Lovers of esotericism have assigned links with the Templars and the Illuminati of Bavaria. The legitimate public curiosity was attracted by this secret society he perceives as she only wants quiet, and his taste for the strange symbols and rituals. Far from all the myths, Alain Bauer, both historian and witness, we described the internal reality of Freemasonry. He mentions in the pages of the origins and history of the movement, its presence in France and in other countries as well as the characters who influenced, Voltaire and Mozart, George Washington, Simon Bolivar, Jules Ferry, Pierre Mendes France, Garibaldi, Victor Schoelcher. It also addresses the issues that have stirred - and sometimes broken - the Freemasons in recent years, both on social issues on the functioning of the lodges. Its book "Dictionnaire amoureux de la Franc-Maçonneri" edited by Plon. In FrancInfo.