Freemasonry and world politics

There is a classical pathway between the values and aims of freemasonry and the political ideals of liberalism that led to the overthrown of the monarchies of divine right in late 19th century and the uprising of republicanism at early 20th century. The connection is undeniable although some bright minds force themselves not to see the relation. Next month starts the final time of commemorations of the First Republic in Portugal. From the National Anthem to the Portuguese flag, masonic symbolism stands as part of Portuguese identity. It has become fashionable to say that Freemasonry had nothing to do with the overthrow of the old European monarchies namely in Mediterranean Europe. The denial is puerile and untruthful as any serious history book would show. In Portugal has become fashionable to argue that Portuguese love the monarchy but any serious survey shows that the majority would not favor a return to monarchy rule and for a simple reason: democracy. Democracy is the only regime in history where the ruler is overthrown without the use of violence, by the will of the People throughout a simple gesture: to drop a vote in the bailout. This is the superiority of the Republic over the Monarchy. Above an important book of a famous Brazilian Freemason already resting in the Eternal Valley, José Castellani.