R:.L:. Affonso Domingues

Lodge Affonso Domingues and its team of officers comemorate next week the 20th anniversay of one of the founding lodges of our Craft that is older than the Craft, itself. It was one of the three that formed the District of Portugal of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, the mother Grande Lodge of GLRP. It is a time of celebration and Masonic pride and from the East - were the Sun rises - the Portuguese Brethren of Luz do Oriente (Ex Orientis Lux) associate themselves, in spirit, with the happiness that crosses the Portuguese Masonic family. Affonso Domingues is the name of the architect that designed the Monastery of Batalha, one of the most beautiful in Portugal, a building that took 150 years to conclude.
A wonderful week of celebrations, a nice presentation of the book and a fine dinner of commemoration. L.A.D. reached maturity in its masonic path and that is always something to appreciate and cherish.
A Fraternal embrace. Gama, M:.I:. Ex Orientis Lux