Masonic congress in Spain (Andalucia)

In Isla de Leon (Andalucia) a masonic congress took place, last weekend, debating issues related to the history and principles of freemasonry. Francisco Lenzano García, a law expert and member of the board of Ateneo de Cádiz, made a talk about freemasonry under the point of view of a freemason. Lenzano located the origins of masonic lodges in the 16th century, a time of difficulties for the Catholic Church, as the dialogue with the divine and Man is not required to take place no more inside a cathedral or a church, but can happen in the inner-self of each individual. Lenzano mentioned "silence" and "secret" as organizational principles of freemasonry, referring the fact that Freemasons are members of a unique universal family, because the Brotherhood is just one as one are the Craft principles: tolerance being the first of the masonic duties. To be a Freemason, he said, "is no more then being a good man a man without preclusions, such as religious or political, a man not attached to any dogma that obscures intelligence and degraded feelings". The rest here.