Raising of a Master

Under any consideration the exaltation of Master is a decisive step in the progress of a freemason towards the Light and Humility. Being recognized as a correct and working fellowcraft is the main condition for being raised to the Third Degree, but anyhow this steps entitles a new look, a new insight of the mysteries kept inside the formalism and the ritualism. Mysteries that trace back freemasonry to the Ancient ritualism of the Romans and the Egyptians. Son of the Father, the Master personalizes Horus that through the most mystical ritualism senses the brutal dimension of death and raises from the ashes to become a new-born Man. But in life nothing is given for free and the reborn perceives that birth comes through the pain of giving birth (for the mother) and the howling of leaving the trustful cavern (for him) and fight for his life. He jumps to the living world throughout the prove of endeavor, crying with is head turned to the ground and its umbilical cord cut. The reborn Man that becomes a Master passes an identical test as he is betrayed by its most trustful companions (not its enemies). This shows him the necessity of humility and determination as its objectives and the justness of the cause he is a warrior. The drama that he passes through, on this ceremony, remember each of us that we need treat the other with indulgency but not with blind faith, have him slowly appreciated and searching not what is apparent and people talk about themselves but what they they really are. This sense of humility is also directed to ourselves: we are often our most unscrupulous enemies as we allow us to be manipulated by our passions, our greed, our ambitions, our arrogance.  It is only when our life is put under the decisive prove of the ultimate sacrifice that we may catch our real dimension as Man with some qualities but much more defects. This is the lesson that one should take by what passes through its senses when he goes down and lays on the ground that sometime in the future he will lay down again, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a miniscule particle of the Universe and of God’s extraordinary mysteries.