GLNF - new problems arising

Via Le Point, here

Nothing goes well with the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF). Once again, the management of the Grand Master of the second obedience of France (42,000 members), Francois Stifani, is strongly criticized
After a stormy meeting, last 4th December, at rue de Pisan, the headquarters ofGLNF, 24 brothers were suspended from the lodge because they have denounced the policy of disclosure of Grand Master, the composition of a "shadow" cabinet including several profanes or the purchase of a flat estimated at 2 million euros, at avenue de Wagram.
These 24 "rebels" are meeting today in a group called FMR-Myosotis, claiming to gather "thousands" of members from the GLNF. In an internal email they state their objectives: "To end the abuses found" return "to the regularity and tradition", to demand "transparency on the accounts and GLNF and a clear explanation of the use of contributions by requiring an audit of the accountancy and "restoring" discretion and humility. "
In addition, the Sarkozyism posted by Stifani annoys more and more supporters of a non-partisan obedience. It now awaits the response of the GLNF.