Save the Children acts in Haiti

Children are always among the most vulnerable during crises. Conflicts and disasters create threats to children's physical and emotional health and well-being.
After recent earthquakes in Haiti and Indonesia, and in places that have seen the most brutal conflicts in decades, Save the Children's priorities when we arrive on the scene include quickly re-starting education programs. (...)
Children in the village of Kamar Kalun, Myanmar, attend class in a temporary school after Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Save the Children supported the school's reopening after the disaster.
Save the Children’s emergency education programs address children’s psychosocial well-being. Programs offer structure and a place to interact with other children in positive and developmental ways. And, for very young children, semi-structured, safe environments for learning, playing and socializing promote healthy cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.
Save the Children was the international NGO chosen by Luz do Oriente as recepient for  the supporting the victims of the Haiti Earthquake.