Waldemar Zveiter to the Brazilian press

In Brazil, it is estimated that there are 150 thousand masons attending temples as one that exists in the city of Rio de Janeiro. All them with a great mission. Promoting human brotherhood, said Waldemar Zveiter, Grand Master of Freemasonry. But they will not now appear before the cameras. “Masonry, above all, is discreet” said Zveiter. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Brazil (GOB) explains, only the initiated can participate in secret rituals that are performed in a room full of symbols. And there is not everyone that is admitted to the brotherhood. “He needs to be presented. He is committed to Freemasonry to be a useful citizen to the community where he is living. Useful to you, your family, to society” explains Zveiter. Once accepted, the apprentice Mason learns valuable codes. “A Mason is recognizable anywhere in the world. If a Mason is lost in Shanghai, no doubt, soon there will come a Freemason national will ask him: Are you with some difficulty? Can I help you?” says Zveiter. “With his philosophy of liberty, Freemasonry has influenced major events”explains Zveiter. “Among the most influential Masons were Dom Pedro I, Tiradentes, Jose Bonifacio, Duque de Caxias and a long list of presidents, as Marshal Deodoro, Pessoa and Washington Luis”. “The doctrine of Freemasonry is told with simple words: improve the human race for all of us and one day, we can consider human beings belong to one and the same humanity” concludes Zveiter.