Lyon- the influence of Freemasonry in Politics

In the French press
The question of the influence of Masons in political regular debates has never have a clear answer. And if the Craft does not like mysteries, or opacity or secret alcoves, it is unleashed on these discreet meetings in temples tightly closed when the brother would share positions, functions and public investment. What about the Masonic influence in politics? Nationally, the Brotherhood parliamentary strength is actually a proposal on a number of social phenomena, admits its chairman, Senator Bernard Saugey of UMP (the President’s party). But the builders deciding among themselves on the political conduct in a local community, “this is just pure fantasy”. “The masons are foremost in the century”; says Bernard Saugey to indicate that their concerns are elsewhere. Gilles Buna, a freemason revealed by the press, is in charge of urban planning at Grand Lyon and in contact with city planners, architects and builders, an environment sensitive to the Masonic philosophy. However, he said, “I do not know which of them is a mason or not is not. And I do not know.“ With the Mayor of Lyon, he was elected as one of Lyon that has acknowledged his membership in an obedience. However some in the City Hall of Lyon did not even know that this link connects them to other elected and discreet officials. “This is a personal process” says a deputy mayor. A right-elect of the Grand Lyon said to belong to a lodge located near the town in order not to mix my political and Masonic activities.