Freemasonry and the Portuguese Supreme Administrative Court

It is really useful to quote an excerpt of a ruling by the Administrative Supreme Court of Portugal which traces some odd considerations about Freemasonry and the Judical System implying that the abovementioned court is controlled and manipulated by freemasons for their own benefit. The quotation is made by Mr. Francisco Teixeira da Mota in a blog that he hold with other commentators of the Portuguese press. The allegation stress that the Supreme Court is a masonic Lodge installed by masons and that is been infiltrated by jesuits and "mafia". The rest is below for the privilege of our readers.
The conspirational theories are common among people of the press as it seems the best way to raise doubts about the behaviour of any individual (they deslike) without making a direct and transparent accusation. This plan to involve Freemasonry in some criminal orchestratrion should have a clear repudiation of the Craft (we may say the Crafts) as is unbelievable that someone in its clear mind had written something like this, in a procedural document. We may say that the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal has its hands clean from any absurd allegation and we sincerely believe that the main Portuguese irregular Obedience, the Grand Orient Lusitano, is hardly involved in such a mess. Freemasonry has among its several thousend members people from the judicial professions as has people from other liberal professions, whatsoever. In the private domain (that we like to call "profane") freemasons rule themseves by strict rules of conduct of character, elevation and professionalism that have nothing to do with Mafia or triad codes of behaviour.
To presume this is to mix everything for the most hedious and  miserable purposes. To our knowldge, the class of magistrates in Portugal is of excellent transparency and independence and no case of double allegiance was ever raised against judges and the oaths they take as individuals to any spiritual Obedience, like Freemasonry. By time to time, this allegation is raised by people with micro standards as Mr. Francisco Teixeira da Mota. Normaly, the best reaction is to ignore such allegations so they may be cleared by the wind or nonsense. But having people of the press mixed with this it seems difficult that this spew ends here.

O Supremo Tribunal Administrativo é uma loja maçónica criada, instalada, dirigida e presidida por maçons - como, aliás, o Supremo Tribunal de Justiça é uma loja maçónica, criada e instalada por maçons, em aplicação do disposto no Ritual do Grau 27, e sendo o seu primeiro presidente — B… — e seguintes igualmente maçons. E sabe-se como ensina o maçon C… — ex-Grão Mestre do Grande Oriente Lusitano, Soberano Grande Inspector Geral e presidente do Supremo Tribunal Maçónico — «onde está um Maçon está a Maçonaria». Ou, ainda: "Apesar de tudo isso que é favorável, a verdade é que as lojas maçónicas, incluindo o Supremo Tribunal Administrativo e a Relação de Lisboa, deixaram-se infiltrar pelo jesuitismo e profanos de avental, que constituíram uma máfia que opera nos tribunais portugueses — um grupo de indivíduos incluindo juízes, magistrados do Ministério Público, ministros (da Justiça e de outras pastas), advogados, banqueiros, empresários, embaixadores, autarcas, homens do teatro, do cinema e da televisão — que distribuem sentenças entre si em benefício dos seus irmãos". 
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