Starting again

It is marvelous the challenge to perform freemasonry and see it happen below our eyes. To assist to the gathering, the syntonization, the awareness that a ritual well performed makes in each one of us; to assist people we know from the profane life interlocked with what is going on, and performing their duties, with joy and apparent satisfaction. Yesterday we put the Brethren in the functions and do it the right way, the lights were fine in its game of light and shadow, the candles give the mysterious look and even the classical music performed in the iPod made the prefect match.
In 12 years of freemasonry I never had such an impression, such a ravishing pride in us all. We achieve so much in just three years, apart from Portugal; and, still, we have a long way to go through. But if God enlighten us and inspire us all with Its wisdom, we will have our job done, in time. When one reach the last section of life - like the one who writes this open-edit- there is little to lead to enthusiasm, but freemasonry is something, when lived like a real thing, a labour of Men, a spiritualized work, that can make that miracle. Beyond the ceremonial, the garments, the collars and the jewels, if we don't touch the hearts and minds of the Men that stand in front of us, it is certainly a loosing of time and effort. This is the major challenge and achievement for the one sitting in the chair. And its worthy, in every minute.
When I watch the tricky problems we face, I remember the Men that were killed for its faith in Freemasonry, send to jail or just shot in the head, because they were freemasons and don't renegade their believes: under Hitler's Germany, under Stalin's Soviet Union, under Franco's Spain or Salazar's Portugal. What courage they must have for that ultimate sacrifice! So the tricky problems we have in our lodges, are peanuts compared with it.
So we will have our job done, and watch the ranks enlarging and a new breed of Brethren coming in; men of all sorts, of all distinctions, of all creeds, of all testimonies, architects, lawyers, economists, public servants, lawyers, men of the press, entrepreneurs.
Raised by the square, fearful of God and waiting to be passed to the compasses over the Body of our Master. And we started again and we go through, step by step. Like or ancestors, over and over again.