A new Masonic Year. Some considerations.

A new masonic year approaches and with it the chance to make things different and more rewarding. Looking at the group of Men gathered in Lodges anywhere in the world, there are those who add one more year to its long masonic path and after performing all the functions available in Lodge assist, from the East, to the new breed of Brethren coming in. There are also those in time to be called for the duty to be the annual Worshipful Master. It is, hardly, a promotion, but rather a set of new responsibilities, of plural challenges to become a leader of a group of men like us. Then there are the workers who rotate in the functions, taking one more step to the "chair". Finally, the other Brethren experiencing and sensing, with divided sentiments, what is occurring under their eyes.
I have reflect many times in the same question - what makes a set of middle-aged Men to take their spare time to be together for a completely non-lucrative business, performing some ritual steps and sayings till late hours, performing a ritual they were instructed to date from the former speculative Freemasons; and by doing so, sacrificing their daily rest and the company of their families?
Most certain many things taking together. The chance to understand phenomena and knowledge that is non-perceivable in the profane life; probably the curiosity to discover secrets that are not really secrets but intelective constructions; even the personal choice to be with other Men that share a same vision of humanity endeavour, solidarity, spirituality and Brotherly Love. The reader may say that this is too little to ask someone to make the sacrifice to be out or its homes twice per month. Who knows?
But for many of us that have already experienced other alternatives of a sense in life, of making something different Freemasonry is the remaining option to fight for the good, to act as an human being in a society of equals. And we keep coming back every time and feeling satisfied and grateful by being with the other guys. The other elements - ritualism, ambition, theatricality, doctrine - are probably important but not so much as being considered a Brother.
This is what is taking me to return again and again.
And you, Brother?
Worshipful Master, Luz do Oriente