Remarks on the closing of the Masonic year

The closing of June marks the end of the Masonic Year, a little everywhere, in the North Hemisphere. With the election of the Masters of the Lodges and the approval of the financial report of the ceasing team of officers the work of a year comes under scrutiny and that assessment is passed to the new lineup that starts working, at early September. This is also a break for Luz do Oriente. July and August are arriving and with it the peregrination to Portugal and to our families for the most of us.
In Asia’s Lodges the following months are, also, a time of intermission and rest.
Step by step, with no hurry, freemasonry accomplishes its mission gathering good Men, free and of good report, to work to the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe. The ranks enlarge; new lodges are petitioned and consecrated; new blood is instilled.

Freemasonry catches its universality by the capacity to be awakened and alerted to the problems of our time. The 21st Century Freemasonry is not different for the others that have preceded us. Although respecting the landmark that forbidden us to discuss politics in Lodges and turning this into an issue, a chisel of division and enmity, we regard intelligence and reason as the tools of the righteous men, the pathway to knowledge and wisdom. A pathway that we pursue strongly. Acknowledging this, we cannot be divorced from the combats of our time as individuals and responsible citizens. This is something that distinguishes Latin freemasonry from other schools of thought and other distinctive and respectfull traditions. That is why we praise so much the values of freedom and self-determination as cements of a good life and of free societies. When liberty is in danger in some parts of the world and common people is giving their life for what they believe is the credit of their nation and their people, we would honor the oath we took by asking the Light and the shelter of the Almighty that has create us to pursue its work in the earth. May God bless you and help you in your struggle.
The Master of Light of the Orient