Today, the 29Th June, passes the 18Th anniversary of the consecration of the Grand Lodge Regular of Portugal by the Grand Loge National Française. In this day, Portuguese freemasonry has returned to the pathway of regularity abandoned by the Grande Oriente Lusitano in 1804.
Our Brother A:.B:. of Respectful Lodge Affonso Domingues gives, here, a very detailed insight of the circumstances that kept Portuguese freemasonry away from the ranks of regularity and the role that our M:.R:. Grand Master Fernando Teixeira and Adao da Silva and Oliveira Marques from the Grande Oriente Lusitano had in the events [click] that led to international recognition. Our Brother A:.B:. is a swiss native and has become member of our Craft being its efforts to Portuguese Freemasonry recognized with the Diploma of Official of the Order GENERAL GOMES FREIRE DE ANDRADE, the most important Masonic insignia.