Grand Lodge meets

Our Grand Lodge meets for the gathering of the Summer Solstice. The time is probably of balance of what our Craft has achieved during the Masonic Year with a new Lodge raising columns in presumably conditions of adversity that were not confirmed, and a new breed of Brethren coming to the ranks in the continent, in the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and Azores and also in the emigrated communities. Our dearest M:.R:. Grand Master would have the chance to raise expectations and make appeals to modesty and humbleness. This is the proper path to solidify our project out from the flashes of the cameras and the episodic declarations of some who look in freemasonry other then a pathway to work, struggle, labour, perfection and endeavor. We are stubborn to insist that ours is the proper pathway for the Royal Art. May God, the GAOTU enlighten us in our works and enlighten Martin Guia to lead us.