According with Correio da Manhã,[click] the Portuguese newspaper, "all scenarios ar eopen after the suspension for one month of one of the candidates to the Grand Mastery of the Portuguese Obedience (GOL), Filipe Frade, defeated in June last year elections". The decree signed by the Grand-Master, Antonio Reis and by the Grand Secretary of  GOL also affects two other Masons, who are accused of having revealed the profane identity of a group of members. The journalist affirms that after the suspension "it will be natural that the masonic Grand Court will order the expulsion of Philip Frade, and that he will lead a schism of masons from that Obedience". The suspension - still quoting the newspaper - "is just one more episode in a war that even before the snap elections in June 2008 and which has at its center creating a foundation which will manage all the assets of GOL". Opponents of this project present a complaint against António Reis, Grand-Master, Antonio Justino Ribeiro and Fernando Manuel Fernandes Lima,  in the Department of Investigation and prosecution in Lisbon in November 2008, qualified for fraud, counterfeiting, abuse of power, management and harmful abuse of trust. The complaint was signed by Vasco Lourenço and Jorge Sá, who immediately denied its involvement in the process.
There are no direct comments on this as it is an internal matter of another masonic Obedience. But as it puts freemasonry - as a whole - under the spotlights of the media, not because of the most laudable and prestigious reasons, is deplorable. Freemasonry objectives and aims are achieved with sense of humility, tolerance, prudence, modesty and to be discrete, not the opposite.