Grand Lodges meet for Biannual Summit

Members of lodges of 15 Latin American and three Europeans began 
today the XXI Meeting of the Interamerican Masonic Confederation (CMI), which discuss in Bogotá until next Saturday and will consider, among other issues, the international crisis. 
The meeting involved representatives from
Argentina, this time, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru, and observers from Spain, France and Belgium, among other nations. The meeting, is held every two years since 1947. The event opened with a visit to the secretary of the Government of Bogota, Clara Lopez, who gave the keys of the city to the chairman of the CMI, Colombian Carlos Alberto Cardona Sandoval
The meeting will review, among other topics, instruction and Masonic education, the insertion of freemasonry in society, political action, the elimination of inequality and violence, economic development development, the challenges of science and technology, environment and food security. 
Sandoval Cardona said that the call to clear the mysteries of gathering that have surrounded the Freemasons has come to reality and it is important to explore the role of philosophical movement "as a force for transformation and integration Latin America. "The reunion is given as a token of our great concern about problems besetting the country. We are concerned about the global crisis immensely serious affect everyone" he said. Attendees also visited the mansion in the center of Bogota belonged to the German industrial origin Leo Kopp, who now hosts the Grand Lodge of Colombia. The CMI was founded in 1946 in Montevideo Conference brings together Grand Lodges in Latin America, including Spain and Portugal.

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