Mário Martin Guia, Most Respectful Grand Master of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal was reelected this last sunday for a second term as Grand Master of the Portuguese Obedience. The Portuguese freemasonry strengths its role within Universal Freemasonry and see new blood arriving to its ranks. Brother Martin Guia is a precious asset in the respect Portuguese Freemasonry is getting in the masonic world. Its leadership and wisdom will guide us to new achievements in the construction of the inner temple and the outer temple. To become Freemason is an act of faith in the capacity of Human beings to overcome their passions, their most tenebrous instincts and turn every man better man. By doing so Freemasonry help the world to become a better place. This is made in several fronts: in solidarity and helping the poor and those in need; to assist the victims in such deadly cataclysms such as the tsunami or the Sichuan earthquake, or the hunger in Africa; or struggling for a larger and effective respect of human dignity and human rights. Freemasonry is everywhere doing its job without asking anything in return. Doing the good for the good. 

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