Grand Master

In the register of our colleague A Partir Pedra the reinstallation of our M:.R:.Grand Master was a success and to the cerimony assisted delegations of the Grande Lodges of Russia, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Great Britain, Brazil, the United States and France. The Past-Grand Master of the Grande Loge National Française (http://www.glnf.fr/) directed, personally, the reinstallation of M:.R:.B:. Mário Martin Guia (second on the left). The GLNF is connected to the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal (Regular) as our Obedience start in 1991 as a District of this remarkable Grand Lodge, being a group of Master Masons, defecting from the Grand Oriente Lusitano (the irregular Obedience), regularized in France (Bretania).
Our M:.R:.B:. Martin Guia designated the Grand Officials of the Grand Mastery for the period 2009-2010.
400 Brethren assist to the cerimony that close with a dinner in honor of the ladies.

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