Flaming Star

The Flaming Star is one of the essential symbols of the fellowcraft in Freemasonry. Its arms represent the 5 directions of research of the degree and comprehend the number that is present for those who aspire to be received as Master Masons.
In the Antient Egypt was the representation of the sibiling of Isis and the Sun, and was related to the seasons as a pictogram of movement. Some time later, it guided the 3 Kings to Bethlaeem. The star represents the harmony that surrounds Man according with Leonardo de Vinci unfamous representation, putting the head and each of the members in each branch of the star. The Flaming Star is the Pole Star of the Fellowcraft as its shows them that they are invited to several journeys and become by themselves the source of Light and understanding. In the Temple it is hanged in the East, over the Worshipful Master table. Its arms represents a constant progression, but none points to the floor or backwards. The arms have at the same time an exogenous function of proselytism and an internal function of concentrating all external wealth. Associated with the Sun and the Moon the Flaming Star unites in itself all the energies. In the centre, Freemasons place the letter G, another fundamental symbol of the Second Degree. As the Flaming Star has 5 arms, the Letter G has 5 meanings: gravitation, geometry, generation, genie and gnosis. The Flamming Star is the outcome of the manual work and the spiritual work put together.

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