Ritual and parroting

How important is to perform the ritual the proper and convenient way? At the first glance it seems more important the substance then the form; the experience than its expression. Some of the world most prestigious masonic orders run freemasonry has they have done it for ages, by parroting some written dialogues in a language that no one uses no more and that some illuminati regard as fix and impracticable of change. When I look to the young Brethren repeating the ritual - time and time it again, without understanding the meaning below the words - under the amused eyes of the more experienced (los maestros), I found myself thinking to my buttons, that senior people in our Craft need to understand that this way of doing it, is not, definitively, the way to reinvigorate freemasony, to open itelf to a new generation that has doubts and questions (like our had) and look to the challenges of the Internet, the IPOD, the Mac, or the Youtube as something that requires a new attitude. Of course there are some chaps that opening Masonic temples to the public and even wear aprons without "being protected from the profane" is to best way to "open" Freemasonry to the outside wortld. But why not beginning to explaining what we are, what are the values that bind us together, beyond races, latitudes, languages and traditions. 
The best change to get, rapidly, outdated is to stand in these odd ways that look at our teachings as something that cannot be changed, ameliorated to adjusted to new times and new Men. Like those parrots in the class of secondary school. 

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